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The plastic products of medical device infusion distributor can be processed by ultrasonic welding machine

作者: 點擊:291 發布時間:2021-04-28

Now a lot of medical supplies are made of plastic materials. Infusion bags, scalpels, infusion dispensers and abdominal plastic peepers are all made of plastic secondary welding.

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine plays an indispensable role in today's medical products industry. As long as the products are made of hard plastic materials, most of them can use ultrasonic welding process to complete the welding. This process has fast welding speed, high welding strength, small damage to the surface, and is extremely simple in personnel operation, which reduces the enterprise's educational requirements for operators. The quality of ultrasonic system is related to the stability of welding, and the design of welding die is related to the strength and consistency of the welded products. High frequency welding equipment can be used to weld soft materials. We will recommend different models for different products according to requirements,


Youwo mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces ultrasonic welding machine, hot trigger and other products, engaged in vibration friction welding tooling technology research and development.

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